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Is It Time to Change Your Mental Channel?

There are lots of things you need to be successful, regardless of your industry, job or life goal, but there’s one element people tend to forget: MINDSET. Earl Nightingale, the father of personal development, said it best when he said “You become what you think about.” It may sound simple, but if you really take time to examine this statement, you’ll find that what you think about and what you say really can dictate your level of business and personal success, health, wealth and happiness in life.

At Franchise Funding Group (FFG), we get hundreds of applications every quarter from businesses all over the country wanting us to be their investors and strategic growth partners. We are specific about the kinds of industries we focus on, but there’s more to it than that for us. We also want a Founder with the right mindset and the right passion to turn their small business or budding franchise into a large, successful franchise system.

So stop and think for a minute. What are you thinking about most of the time? Are you thinking about positive things or negative things? Are you focusing on your goals or obstacles? Are you dwelling on opportunities or on your fears? Are you regretting the past or seizing upon the present? Only you can control your thoughts and determine your destiny. If you want better results, choose better thoughts.

If you are making excuses, blaming others, and justifying why things are not working in your life or business, you’ll never achieve greater success and fulfillment. You cannot give all your personal power away to an external force. That will always leave you stuck in a rut without a way to pull yourself out. We at FFG listen carefully to the language of our candidates and will only invest in and partner with entrepreneurs who take 100 percent responsibility for their success, setbacks and lessons. Who truly own their results, circumstances and outcomes.

After all, what someone says externally reveals what's going on internally. And what's going on internally (negative thinking, poor questions, damaging self-talk and pessimistic images) without exception will eventually materialize - basic law of cause (thinking) and effect (results). Forget about FFG or what others say for a moment and instead listen to your own words. What are you thinking and saying on a regular basis? What are the mental pictures in your head? Are they moving you toward or away from your goals? Is your thinking supporting or sabotaging your desires?

At FFG, we have learned firsthand with our funding candidates that highly successful people learn to manage their minds. They carefully choose what they focus on, think about and visualize on a regular basis. They reflect on and truly think about their thinking and make adjustments when necessary.

To improve your external world and results, you too must improve your internal world first. Choose carefully. Slow down, reflect and think about your thinking. Only you can change your thinking and outcomes. Change your mental channel to something better. You have that choice and power.

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