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Business owners must complete an initial online funding request form before being considered by the Franchise Funding Group. Promising entrepreneurs must also submit to a phone interview, preliminary due diligence and complete an in-person interview process at headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Who Qualifies?


Please complete our online application to begin the process, but here are a few highlights of what we require:

1.  An existing and profitable business concept that can be scaled and replicated throughout the U.S. that has:

a. Established success

b. Organized financial statements that can be reviewed and validated

c. Strong financial results that can be verified

d. A business concept with national appeal


2. The owner(s) must be passionate, dynamic, driven and possess high energy

a. Must pass all background checks on all key parties

Selection Process Overview

In order to invest our time and resources productively and wisely in the best candidates possible, we have developed a four-round process candidates are required to follow in order to be considered and selected for the Franchise Funding Group and our investment of time, expertise, services, training, marketing and capital to help launch your franchise system OR put your existing franchise system on a path of hyper-growth. 

Round One: Complete the online application (starting point for consideration and discussion)

Round Two: Provide financial statements that will be subject to preliminary due diligence and financial review


Round Three: If a promising candidate for us, you will be contacted for a preliminary, in-depth phone interview


Round Four: Travel to Cincinnati for a one-day meeting with FFG executives for the final selection process

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