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Trust Yourself and Take a Chance

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to open your own business, expand your existing business or franchise your existing business, you’ll be waiting forever. For most of us, those “perfect conditions” never come along. There will always be something holding you back – some excuse why today isn’t the best day – and life is too short for that. You can’t postpone your dreams because things aren’t perfect. There are great opportunities in good times and in bad times, but to live your life to the fullest, you have to open your eyes, get in the right mindset and have a little faith in yourself.

Wealthy entrepreneurs don't wait for conditions to be "perfect." In fact, most good opportunities come covered in a layer of problems and headaches – far from perfect but capable of providing substantial wealth and personal fulfillment. In the end, these opportunists know that real wealth comes from intelligent action, not inaction. When true entrepreneurs smell an opportunity that makes sense and excites them, they take action no matter what. They don’t over-analyze, over-plan, or over-think things. They don't let a list of excuses stop them. They get moving!

At Franchise Funding Group, we see so many smart folks suffering from what we’ll call the idealistic "perfect world syndrome." They put their dreams of expansion and their opportunities to create wealth on the backburner because they’re waiting for those perfect conditions. They want to franchise their business but they want things to be perfect first. They wait for a perfect economy, perfect political winds, perfect timing, perfect knowledge, and a host of other perfect conditions. This is totally unrealistic as the "perfect world" has never and will never exist.

Why do these smart people "wait for all the traffic lights to be green before backing out of their garage?" Simple, they are afraid of taking chances. Instead of managing reasonable risks, they are unreasonable and want all risks to be eliminated. These unachievable perfect conditions also provide people with wonderful excuses for not taking action and responsibility. Tragically, most of these people wait a lifetime for the "perfect world" to appear and very often, take their dreams to the grave with them.

What's the solution? Get real! Take responsibility for your life. Stop making excuses. Get rid of the word "perfect" from your vocabulary and your expectations. There is no such thing. Look for "good" opportunities to expand, franchise your business, build wealth and achieve greater fulfillment, not "perfect" ones. There is never a perfect time to start a family, start a new career, or start a business. You will always have challenges and obstacles in every phase of your life and in all economies. The key is to decide on what you really want in life and then go after it - not next decade, not next year, not next month, not tomorrow. Take action TODAY!

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