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Why Entrepreneurs Need To Re-Charge

Let’s face the facts: Most entrepreneurs and small business owners act like CEOs… Chief EVERYTHING Officers. Many touch every transaction, make every decision, and solve every problem. Being directly responsible for every aspect of the business leads to a constant state of exhaustion. How effective can they be if mentally and physically tired? It’s impossible. They can’t be.

Because they tend to micro-manage, don’t delegate effectively, and don’t properly structure their business to work through business systems, most entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to be overworked, overwhelmed and, often, feel like prisoners to their business. They are trapped in the middle of the business. For their sake and the sake of the business and the employees, the owner needs to escape every now and then to re-charge their batteries, creativity, patience, positive mood, and ideas.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to do fun activities – away from the business – that will recharge their mind, spirit and body so they can be mentally sharp, physically rejuvenated, and emotionally positive and confident. Rejuvenating activities can be as simple as hanging out with family, fishing, attending sporting events, playing sports, working out, boating, reading, visiting nature, enjoying their hobbies, etc. They should choose activities that bring them joy and refill their spirits and set aside time to enjoy those activities. That’s not only good for their personal well-being, but the well-being of the business.

Getting away from the technical trenches of the business helps an owner clear their mind and escape some of the confusion, chaos and complexity. They also escape the #1 enemy of a small business: busyness. They are so busy doing things and being reactive that they do not take the time to THINK and PLAN. Even when they escape to do fun, re-charging activities, they will invariably come up with new ideas, strategies, and solutions. A clear and relaxed mind is a sharp mind and the owner will bring greater value back to the business. Ultimately, finding time to be away from your business – and having systems in place to keep your business up and running without you – will help you be more successful in the long run.

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