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Think Big to Expand Big

You’ve heard it before – you are what you think about. But idioms are common for a reason: they’re usually true! So if you’re routinely thinking about expanding your business nationally through franchising and becoming a successful franchisor – that’s a good first step.

Highly successful, wealthy and happy people are constantly thinking about and imagining successful, wealthy and happy outcomes. They think about and imagine the achievement of their goals. To improve your external world, you too must improve your internal world first. Again, you ultimately become what you think about, what you say to yourself, and the pictures you form in your head. Choose carefully. Only you can change your thinking and outcomes.

Have you been thinking about franchising your business? What do you see? What do you say to yourself? Are you focusing on your dreams or on your fears?

As a business owner, what are you thinking about most of the time? Are you thinking about positive things or negative things? Are you focusing on your goals or obstacles? Are you dwelling on opportunities or on your fears? Are you regretting the past or seizing upon the present? Only you can control your thoughts and determine your destiny. If you want better results, choose better thoughts.

To launch a successful franchise system, it starts with your thinking. To become a national franchise system, you must think and see yourself as a national franchise system.

Take away the thoughts about franchising for a minute and it’s easy to see that “you are what you think about” is easy to see in all facets of your life. You can predict a person's future in terms of wealth creation and personal fulfillment by listening carefully to the words that come out of his or her mouth on a regular basis. If they are making excuses, blaming others and justifying why things are not working in their lives, they will never achieve greater success and fulfillment. They are stuck in a negative rut. What they’re saying externally reflects what they’re thinking internally.

Forget about others for a moment and instead listen to your own words. What are you thinking and saying on a regular basis? What are the mental pictures in your head? Are they moving you toward or away from your goals? Is your thinking supporting or sabotaging your desires?

If you want to develop and launch a successful franchise system, you must manage and feed your mind. You must learn to feed your dreams and starve your fears. Again, you ultimately become what you think about, what you say to yourself and what you visualize in your head. Best yet, you get to control what you think and imagine.

You do ultimately become who and what you think about. Stop and really examine this important statement. What you’re focused on will determine your level of success, wealth and happiness in life. Either learn to rule your mind, or your mind will rule you.

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