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Pet Wants Becomes Prime Example of FFG’s Powerful Program

In the less than five months since the company announced the sale of franchises, Pet Wants has already sold nearly 20 franchises and is entertaining applications from a slew of other potential franchises from around the country. While Pet Wants has a fantastic product and a unique business model, the rapid expansion comes down to the company’s partnership with Franchise Funding Group.

If you’ve ever wondered how to franchise your successful business and expand it nationally, quickly and profitably – just like Pet Wants founder Michele Hobbs did – Franchise Funding Group is your answer. In less than a year since the partnership began, Pet Wants has become a perfect case study of the power of having Franchise Funding Group in your corner.

Hobbs launched her Cincinnati company in 2010 to provide proprietary crafted, fresh, slow-cooked, all-natural pet food delivered to customers through a retail store and a convenient, home-delivery service. Hobbs had long been trying to figure out how to expand her business through franchising, so when she heard about Franchise Funding Group in late 2014, she reached out. Franchise Funding Group helped her take the small business and turn it into a national franchise company with no upfront cost.

“At Franchise Funding Group, we are not like typical franchise development consultants who charge upfront fees and take none of the risk. We are completely different and unique. We are truly investors and strategic partners who have real skin in the game. Through our partnership with small business owners, we put our time, money, expertise, reputation, and personnel on the line to support the success of the new franchise system. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners. Bottom line, we are passionate about growing businesses through a franchising model and we’re looking for the next great care-based business we can invest in and expand nationally now that Pet Wants is up and thriving,” Franchise Funding Group President Dan Murphy said.

Hobbs said Franchise Funding Group is a great opportunity for small business leaders looking for a hand to help them take the next step toward growth.

“Franchise Funding Group was the critical missing piece of my expansion puzzle. They were the investors and strategic partners I needed to confidently enter the franchising industry. Launching this franchise with Franchise Funding Group has been in line with our pet food philosophy – it’s all about providing excellence through deliberate and purposeful planning and execution. We’ve been able to create an exciting and attractive franchise program by combining the pet food expertise from Pet Wants with the franchising expertise from FFG,” she said.

The first step in having Franchise Funding Group help you expand your business is to fill out our online application for funding:!request-funding/c3g8.

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