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Why We’re Focused on Caring – Industries and Sectors We Like to Fund

If you want to franchise your business, you’ve come to the right place. At Franchise Funding Group, we function as investors and strategic partners for expansion-minded entrepreneurs, investing up to $150,000 in services, training, mentoring, and funding to turn small businesses into successful franchise systems. While Franchise Funding Group looks at all types of successful businesses to partner with and expand through a franchising model (except restaurants), we do have our sector favorites and reasons. We generally prefer mobile concepts or home-based concepts that are more affordable to the franchise buyers and require limited capital to start. In particular, we like concepts in service sectors that help take care of seniors, children, pets, small businesses, homes, automobiles, and personal health and well-being. Why are we interested in these service sectors? These essential services are always in demand in good times and bad and require “feet on the street” to properly offer the personal care, attention, and/or upkeep required to millions of customers in all parts of the U.S. and beyond. After all, people will not stop taking care of their aging parents and grandparents… or their children… or pets… or homes… or automobiles… or their small businesses… or even their own personal health and well-being. That’s what makes them recession-resistant sectors. These services are not discretionary luxury items, have good profit margins, and require on-going personal care and upkeep resulting in on-going revenue streams. Additionally, these types of service companies cannot be made obsolete through technology alone. It takes employees to render personal and caring service. And while these are not very glamorous, low-tech, bread-and-butter companies, they are still low-cost, high-margin businesses that serve the masses – millions of homeowners, pet owners, Baby Boomers, seniors, children, car owners, and small business owners. Also, these types of franchise systems lend themselves to a lower-cost structure for the start-up phase as well as on-going operations. Instead of expensive restaurants and stores, most of these personal and home-care services can be offered as an affordable mobile or a home-based franchise unit. Low overhead equals larger profit margins for the franchise owner/operator, which makes these much more affordable franchise businesses to buy, typically only requiring $50,000-$75,000 in start-up capital. To be considered for potential funding and franchise development, you must have a successful, profitable, existing business in one or more locations that can be replicated to hundreds of U.S. markets and beyond. Although we’ll consider all types of businesses (except restaurants), we prefer those service sectors listed above. So, if you have a successful and profitable business that serves the on-going needs of seniors, children, pets, homes, automobiles, small businesses, or personal health and well-being, and it can be run as a mobile or home-based business, we would be interested in you and your business. Please click here to fill out an application to establish a basis for our initial conversation – nothing more. And, if you have already proven that your concept can be replicated in more than one location, you are off to a great start. But in order for us to talk with you, you must fill out the 10-minute application. We look forward to learning about your business.

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