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Are we like "Shark Tank?" Yes and no.

If you’ve been considering franchising your business – or expanding your existing small franchise – then you’ve probably spent some time watching the show Shark Tank. For entrepreneurs around the country, Shark Tank offers a fantastic opportunity to fulfill a grand business dream. Here at Franchise Funding Group, we find ourselves wrapped up in the stories on Shark Tank too, but we also know you don’t have to have a popular TV show to help dreams come true. Our powerful franchising model has a proven track record of success and is available without a makeup artist.

If you have a successful business you’d like to franchise, but you don’t have the capital, expertise or guidance to do it alone, here are a few things you need to know about the Franchising Funding Group:

How We’re Like Shark Tank

  • We both are a group of investors and strategic partners working with entrepreneurs wishing to grow and scale nationally.

  • We both work only with entrepreneurs who see the big picture and are willing to give up a small piece of their business in order to expand on a national or even international level.

  • We both provide our portfolio of companies with strategic guidance, mentoring, industry connections and advisers, proven vendors, and expansion expertise.

  • FFG funds up to $150,000 in critical services, training, marketing, mentoring and financial support. Some Shark Tank deals go for more or less. For our investment, FFG requires a 25 percent equity share in the new franchise entity.

  • We are driven by our desire to give back and make a difference in the lives of the next generation of franchisors. We also have a blast doing it! You can tell the Shark Tank investors love what they are doing as well.

  • Nothing is quite as fulfilling as helping others reach their dreams and achieve a much higher level of growth and success.

How We’re Different from Shark Tank

  • We are NOT billionaires and we don’t have a wildly popular TV show. And that’s OK. We are simply a group of franchise development executives with a 30-year track record of success launching nearly a dozen national franchise systems. We also have Board Members who have been franchise executives with some of the largest franchise systems in the world.

  • We only specialize in helping entrepreneurs wanting to franchise their concept. Our area of expertise is expansion through a franchising model. Shark Tank investors gets into all types of expansion strategies, including licensing, strategic partnerships, organic growth, distribution channel expansion, going into national retail, leveraging QVC, national advertising, inventory funding, customer acquisition funding, etc. We do NOT. We do only a few things really well…we help good businesses become great franchise systems…and transform good business owners into highly effective and successful franchisors.

  • Shark Tank serves ALL types of industries. We prefer to work with entrepreneurs who help take care of customers and their aging parents, or kids, houses, cars, pets, or personal well-being. We love businesses that require feet on the street… people serving others or their property.

  • Unlike Shark Tank, we do NOT ask for any equity in your existing business – only the future franchise system we help you create, launch, manage and own. As such, we assume more risk than they do…we only require an equity stake in the future business, not your past success.

  • Since we take on more risk without asking for any equity in your existing successful business, we require a 10 percent management fee in the new franchise entity we create together.

If you’re interested in working with Franchise Funding Group, the first step is the online application. If you are unwilling to fill out a simple, 5-minute CONFIDENTIAL application, you will disqualify yourself. Like Shark Tank, we want to know that you’re ready to take your business to the next level!

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