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We are Your Fully-Invested Franchise Development Group

Remember those group projects you had to do in high school when you were paired with people who didn’t care or contribute? Remember how frustrating it was to do all the work yourself but then share the good grade with those who didn’t carry their weight? We remember too.

That’s why, when we partner with business owners as their franchise development group, we have real skin in the game. We come prepared to contribute mightily. We help our carefully selected clients to create and launch their own franchise systems. And we clearly don’t expect you to do this on your own while we sit around and wait for you to finish the school project and get the good grade. We are working side-by-side with you, in your group. We are putting our money on the line. We are tied to your success and even share in the risks. We are your true franchise development partners.

Franchise Funding Group, LLC is your fully-invested franchise development group. We are not consultants who charge fees, get your paperwork in order and expect you to figure out the rest. We have real skin in the game because we’re investing our money, time and expertise into franchising your business...or helping you expand an already existing franchise system. In fact, we don’t charge fees at all! We are your strategic investors and partners. So how does your franchise development group – Franchise Funding Group – work?

We invest in you and your success. We look for successful, profitable business concepts with passionate entrepreneurs to fund, support and scale nationally. Our Advisory Board, along with their staff, has an incredible track record of success as franchise executives, developers, operators and investors. Collectively, they have developed a proven and proprietary process to launch, support and grow franchise systems...and they have done so nearly a dozen times.

We use a year-round, highly selective application process to choose a handful of promising companies each year to financially back and strategically guide. We don’t talk to any entrepreneur until they take the time to fill out a simple, short on-line application. If you want to get our attention, complete the form.

If you are selected, we will provide you and your business with up to $150,000 of financial support, services, training, and marketing. In exchange, we will hold a small investment in your new franchise system. However, you will remain in control of your existing business and the franchise system we will help you create. You become the franchisor. You make the decisions and run the business; we provide the funding, expertise, strategy and advice to guide you along the way.

Searching for a fully-invested franchise development group to help you scale nationally?

Find out more about who we are and what we do:!services-benefits/cee5.

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