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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Have people ever said your business should have other locations or that you could take your concept to the national stage? At Franchise Funding Group, we know there are excellent, dynamic businesses around the country that are perfect candidates to be successful franchises. That’s why we want to partner with you!

The Franchise Funding Group functions as a strategic investor and partner. We are NOT consultants and we do NOT charge fees. Instead, we are dedicated to financially backing, partnering and advising entrepreneurs with our national franchise-launch platform and process – a process that has been tested and proven, time and time again. We’ve been fortunate to enjoy fulfillment with multiple franchise systems and we’d like to help others achieve similar success.

So is your business the next franchise success story? At Franchise Funding Group, we will consider all business concepts, except restaurant concepts at this time, but we are looking for energetic entrepreneurs who have an exciting concept with national, if not international, appeal. Candidates must pass an initial online application process. If there is a potential fit, there will be a phone interview, financial review, and if a finalist, an in-person, in-depth interview process with the Franchise Funding Group Advisory Board in Cincinnati.

Once you’re on board, we’ll help guide you through your franchise system expansion and provide you and your business with up to $150,000 in financial support, services, training, mentoring, marketing and lead generation. While you’re leading the business and making the final decisions, our team will be here to help walk you through the process of making your company the next big thing in franchising!

In addition to working with new franchise concepts, we also help existing and small (less than 30 units) franchise systems kick-start their franchise marketing and national expansion.

For more information about partnering with the Franchise Funding Group, fill out the Request Funding form and we’ll be in touch!

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