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New Year, New Opportunity

As we look ahead to the New Year, the Franchise Funding Group is energized at the thought of the hundreds (perhaps thousands!) of small businesses and emerging franchise systems in the United States right now who just need the right push to go national with a dynamic concept.

We can provide that push to a select number of these businesses and franchise systems in 2015. How do we do it?

  • We invest in you and you don’t pay us anything. We are not franchise consultants—instead, our Advisory Board has an incredible track record of success as franchise developers, operators and investors. We have developed a proven and proprietary process to launch, support and grow franchise systems.

  • If selected by the Franchise Funding group, we will provide you and your business with up to $150,000 of financial support, services, training and marketing. Instead of high-paid consultants that get your money upfront (but have no skin in the game), we are your equal partner from the very beginning.

  • We’ll be your GPS for franchise system expansion. We’ll help you map out the best, and most direct, way to get you to your franchising destination. We train you and your team on the right capabilities, provide clarity of direction, and give you the path and strategy to get there.

For more information about partnering with the Franchise Funding Group, fill out the the Request Funding form to tell us about you and your exciting business concept. We'll take it from there!

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