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Helping Entrepreneurs Expand Their Vision, Locations and Impact

The Franchise Funding Group, LLC is dedicated to helping transform good, profitable, localized businesses into successful, national franchise systems. We also provide additional firepower (resources and expertise) to help small, struggling franchise systems get unstuck and reset their trajectory for significant expansion. So whether you are new to franchising or own an emerging franchise system already, you will find proven strategies to grow here.

It’s important to understand, The Franchise Funding Group is NOT a consulting group. We are investors and strategic partners. In short, we help transform business owners into effective and successful franchisors. You can learn more about who we are and what we do by visiting our About Us page.

Through a robust selective process, we choose which entrepreneurs to partner with, to fund and to guide. Again, we are strategic partners, not hands-on operators. The entrepreneur stays in control and owns the new franchise system. He or she makes the decisions. We provide the funding, proven processes, and strategic guidance to keep our clients on a profitable path to franchise expansion.

Through our work with the Franchise Funding Group, we hope to strengthen the American dream and the small business community by sharing our collective franchising expertise, proprietary processes, and track record of success.These entrepreneurs, through the franchise model, have the potential to attract and support hundreds, or even thousands, of franchise owners, who in turn will help create thousands of jobs throughout America.

On our blog, we’ll share business growth insights and franchise system expertise to help you grow your small business, potential franchise system, or kick-start the expansion of an existing franchise system. Keep checking back for informative posts that’ll help you, and America, grow.

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